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Hand Painted Porcelain Gaiwan-  Rose/Leaves pattern

Hand Painted Porcelain Gaiwan- Rose/Leaves pattern


A gaiwan is a traditional Chinese lidded bowl used for brewing tea. It typically consists of three parts: a bowl (or cup), a saucer, and a lid. Its name translates literally to "lid and bowl." The design of the gaiwan allows for precise control of tea steeping and easy pouring. It's a popular vessel for the Chinese Tea Ceremony, a traditional Chinese tea preparation method known for its attention to detail and multiple short infusions.

The material of the brewing vessel will affect the flavor of the tea. Porcelain material is known for its neutrality that lets tea shine in its purest form, won't alter the original flavor of the tea. it showcases tea's true taste, aroma, and quality.

Material: porcelain

Color: white

Dimensions: 4 x 4 x 3.5 inch

Capacity(volume): 150 ml

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