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Hand-Painted Lotus Petal Gaiwan   手繪蓮花瓣蓋杯

Hand-Painted Lotus Petal Gaiwan 手繪蓮花瓣蓋杯


A Gaiwan, a traditional Chinese lidded tea bowl, is made up of three parts: a bowl, a saucer, and a lid. Its name, 'lid and bowl,' reflects its design that allows for precise control when steeping tea and easy pouring. This vessel is widely used in the Chinese Tea Ceremony, a practice known for its meticulous attention to detail and the art of multiple short infusions.


It's important to note that the material of the brewing vessel can significantly influence the flavor of the tea. Porcelain is prized for its neutrality. This means it won't interfere with the original taste, aroma, or quality of the tea. It's a material that truly showcases the tea's authentic characteristics.


Material: porcelain
Color: white

The fairness cup is sold separately as an option to add on.

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