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JiangPoNi Han-Duó Teapot 降坡泥六方漢鐸壺

JiangPoNi Han-Duó Teapot 降坡泥六方漢鐸壺


Material: JiangPoNi 降坡泥

Dimensions: 4.1 inch X 2.5 inch X 2.75 inch

Capacity(volume):  220 ml

JiangPoNi or 降坡泥 is a natural mixture of Zini and Hingni.  This clay was discovered by accident while building a road in the 90s.

The shape is derived from the bronze bell from the Han dynasty. 

On one side, the following poem is carved.  "The age of the crane is unknown, the pine posture resembles a roaring dragon."  On the other side, several branches of an old pine tree are hanging from the edge of a cliff.  Two characters, 聽松 or "listening to the pine trees", are carved.  

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