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It is important to remember that when developing a plan for selling your apartment (house) and buying a new one (th), you must not forget about the main goal.

Your goal is not to sell your one-room apartment at the highest possible price, but to buy a two-/three-room apartment that satisfies everyday needs. Take a sheet and draw a diagram of the deal

It is important to draw up an elementary balance on paper (Drawing by Sergey Smirnov)

First write “we need” and then “we have”. When calculating the amount “we need it”, remember that the advertised price for “three rubles” can be reduced by at least 7%, since three-room apartments are the most difficult to sell.

Attention! The amount of the transaction varies depending on your choice. That is why it is much more important to bargain not with your buyer, but with the seller of the apartment you are buying! Often this is the main problem! The owner forgets that he put his apartment up for sale in order to buy another object.

Haggle for a price cut with the person on the right, not a price increase with the person on the left. (Drawing by Sergey Smirnov)

A common mistake! You are asked to “throw off” 200,000 rubles for your apartment, but you refuse. At this moment, you do not think that the apartment you are buying has the opportunity to get a discount many times greater.


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