Black Tea 紅茶/中國黑茶


Generally called “black tea”, fully fermented tea goes through the process where the surface area of the tea leaf is destroyed to promote oxidation resulting in the tea leaf turning red. The color of the tea is red, with a rich mellow malt sugar or fruit fragrance.There's another type of traditional Chinese tea that goes through post fermentation with the 4 processes of "kill-green"or fixing, rolling and kneading , piled fermentation and drying.  The color of the tea becomes black, hence the name "Hei Cha" or "Black" tea. 


一般稱為「紅茶」,全發酵茶是將茶葉的面積破壞,促進氧化作用,造成茶葉變紅,泡出來的茶湯顏色是紅色,具有香醇濃郁的麥芽糖或水果的香味。另外在中國傳統茶中有一大類茶由於經過殺青、揉捻、渥堆和乾燥四道工序的後發酵處理的茶,外觀呈現黑色,故得名為黑茶,英文也稱為 Black Tea。


Fang Gourmet Tea is the most professional tea enterprise in the US east coast region specializing in tea and tea-making equipment. We offer a wide selection of world-renowned tea and various styles of refined tea accessories. Combining tea and various styles of refined tea accessories, Fang Gourmet Tea is committed to the promotion of the spirit of teaism. Promoting physical and spiritual wellness in daily life, we invite you to experience the unity of tea and Zen and to fulfill the unlimited sensation of tea. 




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