White Tea


White tea is a lightly fermented tea. Its name comes from the fine, white hair on the tip of the buds, which are often described as delicate as silver and snow.  The tea leaves are characterized with a light grassy floral smell and refreshing, sweet taste.  Containing a high amount of flavonoids, white tea is a great well-being tea with very high level of antioxidants.



Fang Gourmet Tea is the most professional tea enterprise in the US east coast region specializing in Chinese tea and tea-making equipment. We offer a wide selection of world-renowned Chinese tea and various styles of refined tea accessories. Combining tea and various styles of refined tea accessories, Fang Gourmet Tea is committed to the promotion of the spirit of teaism. Promoting physical and spiritual wellness in daily life, we invite you to experience the unity of tea and Zen and to fulfill the unlimited sensation of tea.


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