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To our tea friends,


As the leaves turn and autumn is here, it's a beautiful time to revisit Fang Gourmet Tea.

Fang Gourmet Tea invites you to indulge in a cross-century feast of tea culture.

Tea utensils crafted from Yixing clay have long been regarded by many connoisseurs as excellent vessels for brewing tea. According to known archaeological evidence, the earliest Yixing teapots can be traced back to around the year 1500 AD. Pottery artists used the iconic purple/yellow/red clay or its mixtures from Yixing City in Jiangsu Province, Eastern China, to create small teapots with distinctive handles and spouts.

The "Fang Gourmet Tea The Art of Yixing Teaware Exhibition" specially features over a hundred Yixing teapots from the Qing Dynasty's Kangxi Emperor period to the present day, offering tea enthusiasts the chance to appreciate historical purple clay masterpieces. Additionally, the exhibition includes handcrafted Rock Mineral Teapots by renowned Taiwanese pottery artists, exquisite porcelain tea sets from Jingdezhen, and a variety of high-quality teas and rare aged teas for sale. Seize the opportunity!

Fang Gourmet Tea

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