Puerh Pie (Ripe) 普洱派(熟)

Puerh Pie (Ripe) 普洱派(熟)


The large-leaf Puerh cake is from aged trees in the high mountains about 2,200 meters above sea level in Xishuangbanna of Yunnan Province in China.  The tea leaves are pressed into tea cakes after sun fixation, high-temperature steam sterilization, piling, and fermentation. The strip tea leaves are thick and strong with fine hair; it offers robust cha qi, tea energy, with rich flavor and lasting aftertaste. 


each piece cake: 48g

Choice of 1 piece cake or 7 pieces cake or 42 pieces cake per package.

Buy 42 pieces of Puerh cake get one free bamboo basket bag.

Package Size


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