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3-Color Tea Set  繽紛禮盒

3-Color Tea Set 繽紛禮盒


It is a gift box consisting of three types of tea with different characteristics. In the process of tasting the tea, you will get to know the special aroma and taste of traditional Chinese tea with different fermentation levels.  Through the rich experience presented by the small box, your family and friends will be able to enjoy your gift filled with love and best wishes.


White Peony 5 g

Four Season Spring Oolong 5 g

Premium Black Tea 5 g

White Peony

Using Fuding White Tea as its raw material, the tea leaves of White Peony are soft and juicy with a significant fragrance. The taste of the tea is rich yet light and sweet; its color is clear with golden apricot hues. White Peony derives its name from the shape of its green leaves and the silvery fine white hair in its center part. While brewing, the tea blossoms like a flower, with the green leaves holding the tender shoots.

Four Season Spring Oolong

Four Season Spring Oolong picked from Nantou High Mountain in Taiwan. The taste with an evident floral tone along with the delicate fragrance is refreshing and smooth while the aftertaste is natural and sweet.


Premium Black Tea

This black tea from the high mountains of Fujian presents an elegant sweetness unique to black teas and a subtle floral scent of high mountain teas. An exceptional fusion worth tasting.

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