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Cold Brew Tea - Jamine Silver Needle 冷泡茉香銀針

Cold Brew Tea - Jamine Silver Needle 冷泡茉香銀針


8 bags of Jasmine Silver Needle White Tea, 5 grams each.


Our Jasmine Silver Needle Tea comes from a combination of silver needle tea hand-picked from Fu Ding and premium quality jasmine from Fuzhou. It is through many repeitions of scenting and re-scenting of these two combination which creates our select premium tea. Every brew of the tea releases the calming aroma from the jasmine flowers. Every sip fills your taste with the sweetness of the needle tea. And the fragrance of the bottom of the tea cup is that of almonds, bringing inner peace.


To brew iced tea, add 5g loose tea leaves (1 bag) into the bottom basket and add room temperature water to the top. Then, steep and chill in the fridge for a few hours or up to overnight.


*Tea Infuser Bottle is not included. Please check out our recommended Travel Buddy Hot/Cold Dual Use Tea Infuser Bottle.

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