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Mucha Ti Kuan Yin  木柵鐵觀音

Mucha Ti Kuan Yin 木柵鐵觀音


Unlike the green Ti Kuan Yin from mainland China popular nowadays, this one is heavily fermented and roasted in the old traditional way.  Thus, most of the tastes move from the front to the back of the throat.  The typical astringence stimulates sweetness and induces saliva.  Mellow, fruity, and thick after-taste can last for more than six steepings.  The deep and fulfilling aroma will last almost forever from the bottom of your cup.


Mucha located on the outskirt of Taipei city has the oldest plantation of  Ti Kuan Yin in Taiwan since 1896.  Traditional Ti Kuan Yin requires lots of additional costs and advanced skill in roasting which sadly become a rarity in the modern tea world.

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