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"New" Piao Yi Teapot 新飄逸杯

"New" Piao Yi Teapot 新飄逸杯



The all-in-one design lets you use your Piao Yi teapot to brew, filter, and drink tea. Removable and washable three-piece set.



Place the inner insert with the lever aligned with the handle. Put tea leaves into the glass insert. Pour boiling water and reattach the wooden lid. Wait for your desired tea strength, then "ROTATE/TURN” the label on the wooden lid to align with the handle for automatic tea pouring.


The design is especially great for serving Chinese tea which can be re-steeped many times with different lengths of steeping time.


Also good for scented tea, coffee, and other herbs.


Product Description:

Insert Cup: 200ml (6.76oz), High quality borosilicate glass

Outer Cup: 500ml (17oz), High quality borosilicate glass with walnut handle

Top: Solid walnut wood



High quality borosilicate glass, food grade silicone ring, 304 stainless steel/screen filter

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