Piao I Teapot 飄逸杯

Piao I Teapot 飄逸杯


PIAO I TEAPOT is pioneers in the tea maker industry since
1984. Innovative dual-purpose cup and pot. Made in Taiwan.

Easy to use, quick brewing, prepare strong or weak tea with no bitter taste.

All-in-one design lets you use your Piao I teapot to brew, filter and drink tea.



  • Place tea leaves, tea bags into the inner pot.
  • Add boiling water and cover. Remove the inner cup. and press the button on the cover to let tea be filtered and flow out.
  • Remove the inner cup.
  • While you serve tea from the outer pot, you can continue to brew tea in the inner cup.

Product Description:

  • Inner Cup:

Small size Piao I Teapot  215ml(7oz); Large size Piao I Teapot 350 ml(11 oz),PC (Polycarbonate)

  • Outer Cup:

Small size Piao  I Teapot 500ml (17oz), Large size Piao I Teapot 1000ml (34 oz),outer cup glass with fixed black handle

  • Size: 4.25 inch (L)x3 inch (W) x 6.25 inch (H)


All plastic materials are food grade PC (Polycarbonate) with temperature resistance up to 130 C (266 F) the same materials used to make baby bottles.

Glass used is of direct fired beaker glass with 150 C(302 F ) transient temperature difference resistance.

All metal parts (including filtering mesh, water stopping steel ball, steel band and handle fixing steel stripe) are made of SUS316 acid and alkali resistant Stainless Steel.



Piao I teapots are pride of Taiwan. - 1987 Japan International invention Exhibition - Gold Medal Winner - 1988 China International Invention Exhibition - Gold Medal Winner - 1998 Germany International Invention Exhibition - Silver Medal Winner - 1998 INPEX Invention Exhibition, Pittsburgh, USA - Two Gold Medals, One Silver Medal, One Bronze Medal - 2002 Korea International Invention Exhibition - Gold Medal Winner The four medals gamered by Piao I teapot at the 1998 INPEX exhibition are the most medals ever awarded to a single product at an international invention exhibition.

Package Size


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