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Goose Neck Piao Yi Teapot 鵝頸飄逸杯

Goose Neck Piao Yi Teapot 鵝頸飄逸杯



All-in-one design lets you use your Piao I teapot to brew, filter and drink tea.



  • Place tea leaves or tea bags in the glass insert.
  • Add boiling water and replace the cover.
  • Wait for the right moment for your desired strength and push the bottom on the cover.
  • The design is especially great for serving Chinese tea which can be re-steeped many times with different lengths of steeping time.
  • Also good for tea, coffee, and other herbs.

Product Description:

  • Insert Cup:  200 ml(6.76oz)
  • Outer Cup: 750 ml(25.3oz),  outer cup glass with glass handle



Glass, stainless steel 




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