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Plum Flower Motif Canister  梅花浮雕茶倉

Plum Flower Motif Canister 梅花浮雕茶倉


Tea canisters provide a secure haven for your prized tea collection, shielding it from both light and odors. Beyond simple storage, these canisters play a crucial role in facilitating the tea aging process, allowing for the development of unique aromas like ginseng or plum. By creating an ideal environment characterized by sealing and light-blocking properties, tea canisters promote the preservation and enhancement of these precious fragrances. Thus, they serve as not just protective vessels, but also as catalysts for the evolution and preservation of tea's finest flavors and aromas.

Ivory White Porcelain Canister with Plum Blossom Motif.

Material: porcelain

Dimensions: L 3 x W 3 x H 4.5 inch

Size: 250ml

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