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1979 Aged  Pomelo Tea 75g  珍品柚子茶

1979 Aged Pomelo Tea 75g 珍品柚子茶


All-natural wellbeing treasure: Pomelo tea originated from Taiwan’s Hakka traditional culture. Using the natural resources from their own gardens and farmlands, Hakkanese people fill the pomelo fruit with processed tea leaves to create this special well-being and healthy tea that is usually not being sold in the market. Traditionally, pomelo tea is a household treasure, rarely available in the market. Since the unique taste and aroma of pomelo tea enhances as it ages, pomelo tea that is older than 10 years is considered extremely precious already. Fang Gourmet Tea is glad to share with tea-lovers some 40-year-old pomelo tea!


weight: 75g

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