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1979 Aged Pomelo Tea 珍品柚子茶

1979 Aged Pomelo Tea 珍品柚子茶


In the Hakka villages of Northern Taiwan, Pomelo fruits are harvested around the Autumn festival. These fruits are then hollowed out, stuffed with steamed Oolong tea and other local herbs and then put through a series of steaming, sun drying, and baking. The result is like a hardened cylinder that requires a hammer to crack. Pomelo tea is usually brewed with some broken pieces of Pomelo skins, yielding a dark brown liquor with comforting citrus notes. After years of aging, the tea has attributes that promote health and well-being. The older the tea aged, the further it enhances the benefits of the tea. Fang Gourmet Tea is proud to share with you, our highly treasured, 40 plus years aged Pomelo Teas. When brewing this tea, we recommend a full rolling boil. After a few brews, you can cook the tea to further extract the essence of the tea.


Whole pomelo weight: 220-230gram

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