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Premium Raw Puerh Tea Paste 極品生普洱茶膏

Premium Raw Puerh Tea Paste 極品生普洱茶膏


Puerh Tea Paste
It is a solid tea paste made from raw or ripe Puerh loose tea leaves from the Yunnan Province, which is boiled, filtered, condensed, dried, cubed, and aged according to the ancient imperial production method.
To drink, simply take a piece of Puerh tea paste, add hot water, let the tea paste slowly dissolve, and pour it into a cup according to your concentration preference. It is a convenient way to use simple tea ware to taste good tea.

In ancient China, Puerh tea paste was not only a unique tea drink for the imperial palace but also a natural herbal tea paste that could be held in the mouth to relieve discomfort.

The real traditional tea paste process can preserve the tea's vitality, enabling the tea paste to continue transforming over time like aged tea with a smoother and more exquisite taste.


Premium Raw Puerh Tea Paste
It is made of raw loose Puerh tea leaves from thousand-year-old trees, which have been aged for more than 20 years, with multiple layers of taste and strong tea energy.


weight: 30g

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