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Premium Oriental Beauty 極品東方美人

Premium Oriental Beauty 極品東方美人


Heavily fermented Oriental Beauty Oolong is also known as “pong hong dei” or White-Haired Oolong Tea. The tea leaves have a mixture of white, green, red, yellow and brown and thus has been also named “Five Colored Tea.” The harvesting season of the Oriental Beauty Oolong is during the summer time. After being bitten by the Jacobiasca Formosana insect, the green leaves lose photosynthetic ability and transform into a golden-yellow color. Only after this process, does the Oriental Beauty Oolong possess its unique honey aroma. The brewed tea is bright amber in color. It also carries a ripe fruit and honey aroma. The taste is rich, sweet, and mellow. After a sip of tea, the tea will induce salivation in the tea drinker.

The Oriental Beauty Oolong is a unique variety with a unique cultivation process. It is produced naturally with no pesticides as insects are necessary for it to produce such a unique tea.

Choice of 10g or 50g per package.

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