Premium Yunnan Big-Leaf Black Tea 雲南大葉種紅茶

Premium Yunnan Big Leaf Black Tea is picked from large leaf puerh tea leaves from Yunnan and has a unique longan aroma. The tea color is a gorgeous golden-red, while the taste is rich and sweet, with each brew delivering remarkable aroma and sweetness. Created through black tea production process, let the gentle sweetness of the tea guide you to experience the purity of natural forest.

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Fang Gourmet Tea is the most professional tea enterprise in the US east coast region specializing in Chinese tea and tea-making equipment. We offer a wide selection of world-renowned Chinese tea and various styles of refined tea accessories. Combining tea and various styles of refined tea accessories, Fang Gourmet Tea is committed to the promotion of the spirit of teaism. Promoting physical and spiritual wellness in daily life, we invite you to experience the unity of tea and Zen and to fulfill the unlimited sensation of tea.


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