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House Special Drip Tea Bag (Fragrance)

House Special Drip Tea Bag (Fragrance)


House Special Drip Tea

Fang Gourmet Tea carefully selects the best tea and grinds the original leaves into the best particle size, so that you can brew tea with the best aroma and original flavor in a new “pour over hanging ear tea drip filter” method, and have a good cup of tea in less than a minute.


How to prepare drip tea:


Amount: 400cc (13.5oz) filtered water


Water temperature: around 85°C ~90°C


1. Tear off top of the tea bag and position the filter bag hangers on your cup.


2. Add just enough hot water to wet the tea leaves then wait for about 15~20 seconds.


3. Slowly pour the remaining hot water through the tea bag and wait until the tea completely drips. Remove the tea bag and enjoy your cup of drip tea.



12 Bags total

* The glass mug is not included in the pack

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