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Tao of tea research center


China is the homeland of tea. In the eyes of the Chinese, tea is more than just a drink; it holds the vitality of nature, becoming a path to communication with nature. Tea integrates with literature, music, and art, elevating the spiritual state of mind of the person drinking it. From this aspect comes the saying that children who drink tea will not go astray.


For spiritual civilizations, tea has become one of the approaches to realize the absolute truth or enlightenment in Zen, with the confluence of both tea and Zen tracing back to the Zen monks of the Tang and Sung Dynasty. In Analects of Zen, there is a koan, “tea comes, reach with hands; rice comes, open mouth.” The art of tea goes beyond just the function of quenching thirst, as it also incorporates the spiritual art of tea into daily life, helping one to find that tranquility that is within each of us.


Compared to traditional Chinese painting and music where we appreciate the traditional painting with our eyes and enjoy the music with our ears, through the art of tea, the eyes, ears, nose, tongue, body, and consciousness are all simultaneously engaged. If you can bring out your consciousness, your awareness, and your intelligence to tea, it becomes more than just an art or entertainment. When a tea master brews tea at a peaceful and tranquil setting, while he/she drinks and appreciates the tea slowly, the spiritual activity is at first like a philosopher in deep reflection. It is then like the state of mind where the Chinese scholar’s “heart sits in meditation and becomes unaware of this world” of which the spiritual state is even more profound and extensive. Gradually, the person enters into the state of mind when human and nature become one in Taoism. And finally, it is like someone reaching the “emptiness” state of mind in Zen.


Even a great Master highly praised – “if the practice of the Tao of tea can reach its highest state of mind, then one will be able to breathe with the Buddha through the same nostril.” Fang Gourmet Tea promotes this precious treasure of the cultural art of tea through the tea ceremony classes.


The rich nourishment from the spiritual and artistic culture of tea appreciation can cultivate a person’s mind and personality, allowing the person to be filled with happiness in life and harmony in his/her family.


From the world of Zen, bring forth the essence of tea and let it guide the experience of the Truth within your mind.


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