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How to do Chinese Tea Ceremony? (Teapot Brewing Method)

In the following video, we will show you how to use a Yixing Zisa teapot to brew tea. Small teapot brewing method is one of five Traditional Chinese Tea Ceremony brewing methods. In general, the same tea brewed in a different type of tea ware with the same water for the same amount of time will taste different. Tea brewed in porcelain is neutral in flavor. A porcelain tea ware shows your tea exactly how it tastes, smells, and appears. It can also help you to find out what quality of the tea it is. For your own exploration of the taste of tea, it is a good practice to try brewing the same tea in different materials of tea wares; pay attention to what qualities of your brewing vessel affect your tea. So if you like certain teas and know the taste of them very well; you may consider starting to brew your teas with different types of tea wares. You will find your ideal teapot for each type of tea through experimenting on your own.


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