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Essential Factors for Brewing Good Tea 2

One Tea One World, One Pot One Universe; In One’s Palm move the Heaven and Earth, With the delicate fragrance heart is contented.

Choosing Good Tea The first step in brewing good tea is to choose good quality tea leaves. Confronted with various kinds of tea leaves, you have to first know where to find the type that you want. There are six broad types of Chinese tea. Each one is influenced by the production site, the method of production, and the roasting and fermentation degree which in turn change the color of the tea. The so-called good quality tea leaves do not necessarily mean expensive tea leaves. What’s considered good is relative; you must take price and quality into consideration in order to be objective. Choosing tea is like choosing wine; with more experience you’ll understand how to choose tea. First, you have to observe the tea. Are the leaves neat and tidy? How is the fragrance and taste? How is the physical appearance? After brewing the tea, the most important aspect is the fragrance and taste. From the color of the tea, the degree of transparency and limpidity will determine the quality of tea. If the color of the tea is bright and natural, it’s a good tea! In addition, you have to choose what the customers like and what’s suitable for their taste. This is the basic criterion. How do you choose the right flavor? We suggest using fragrance and aftertaste as a guide. Since the “ten thousand characteristics” of tea are mainly from the aroma of tea, good tea leaves will make you feel refreshingly delightful! If you like delicate fragrance, you can choose the Oolong and Green Tea series; if you like strong and rich aroma, then you can try Dong Ding Oolong tea; if you are into aftertaste, then do not miss Tikuanyin. Tasting tea is like experiencing life. Among the various kinds of Chinese tea, you will find the flavor that is suitable for you. With the different states of mind and preference, you will discover the “ten thousand characteristics” of tea. Every kind is a surprise, a different realization of life, and an enjoyment of the beauty of tea delight between human and Mother Nature.


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