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Summer solstice and a tea party

Though the Traditional Chinese tea ceremony sits in our hearts deeply; there are many ways to brew tea. Any brewing style brings out something interesting. The tea tools that are used also has profound influence on its flavor and aroma. For something different, we can both hot brew and cold brew tea to add a surprising new flavor to our tea tasting experience. This way, we can invite those who prefer cold beverages to get to know tea.

Cold brews are incredibly simple and easy and a good way to rediscover different layers of flavor in the original tea we already love. It creates a refreshing, healthy cold beverage with a full-bodied, complex flavors of our origin tea. A healthy summer drink to share with friends and family indoors or outdoors.

Slowing brewing of natural tea leaves with room temperature water creates a natural sweetness and smoothness. We can cold brew green tea, white tea, oolong tea, and black tea with similar results: a refreshing, naturally sweet version of familiar flavors with an extra dimension of nuance in the finish.

Let's get a better understanding of how tea brews.

There are several factors that determine how great your brewed cup will be. The type of tea, the water temperature, the steeping time, and the ratio of loose leaf tea to water, all play important roles.

When dry tea leaves are added to water they absorb some of the water which allows the initiation of steeping (the process of extracting the soluble compounds from the leaves and dissolving them in water).

Hot water expedites this process because the water molecules are energized to dissolve quickly. Therefore, when the leaves are over steeped, tea tastes bitter.

Cold water, however, dissolves slowly, the infusion process happens more gently over a longer period of time.

To cold brew tea:

1. Add 5 grams of tea leaves into a bottle

2. Fill with room temperature water,

3. Then put the bottle into the fridge; let it steep for up to 8 hours.

Another way to make a cold tea beverage is by making a shaken iced tea.

1. Brew your selected tea with hot water. Just go through the normal brewing process of how you brew hot tea.

2. Pour the tea into the fairness cup.

3. Continue brewing 3-5 times (repeat step 1 and 2 )

4. Then, add ice cubes into a shaker

5. Pour hot tea from the fairness cup into the shaker and IMMEDIATELY shake it over ice to chill and create a foamy texture.

6. From the shaker, pour a glass of deliciously refreshing iced tea with foam on top. And enjoy!

They are both amazing and delicious. The difference is the slow cold brew tea is refreshing, smooth, and soft. The shaken iced tea has the most amount of flavor and texture. It's the most complex. If you're looking for something that's very soft and elegant then slow brew with a bottle is the one to choose. It is all up to you. For how to do traditional Chinese Tea Ceremony step by step, please watch this video:

Feel free to experiment, and let us know your experiments in the comments section below.


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